体育平台学院 is excited to offer for-credit summer courses for all 韦恩堡-area high school students!

有许多核心课程和选修课程可供选择, high school students can bring graduation within reach by completing coursework over the summer. 

体育平台的学生完成课程将获得学分, and all non-Canterbury students will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing their coursework. 课程可能会也可能不会转到其他学校, so guest students should check with their guidance counselors before enrolling in courses.







9年级体育 & 健康
6月15日- 7月2日
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

体育平台学校的学生们,请注意: 这门课是九年级的一部分,是毕业所必需的.

体育9 emphasizes the development of lifelong skills and encourages student participation in a wide variety of activities. 可能包括瑜伽, 举重训练, 滑冰, 骑自行车, 羽毛球, 网球, 打保龄球, 踏板操, 跆搏健身操等运动, 和极限飞盘. 这门课程相当于一学年四分之一的课程.

涉及的话题 健康 include nutrition; mental, 情感, 社会, and personal health; disease prevention; chemical substance use and abuse; consumer health; family life and relationships; and accident prevention and safety (including CPR/AED certification). 这门课程相当于一学年四分之一的课程.

九年级世界宗教 & 在全球视角
6月15日- 7月2日
12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

体育平台学校的学生们,请注意: 这门课是九年级的一部分,是毕业所必需的

的目的 世界宗教 is to encourage students to learn about different religious viewpoints by studying major 宗教s and religious figures of world 宗教s including, 但不限于, 犹太教, 基督教, 伊斯兰教, 印度教, 和佛教. Students will explore how various 宗教s answer fundamental questions of humanity such as origin, 生命的意义, 道德, 和来世.

In 在全球视角, 学生们将研究和探索历史事件, 文学, 科学, and other disciplines to identify and understand the scaffolding though which they define themselves as students and global citizens. 本课程将探讨认同发展的心理学. 通过一系列有指导意义的活动和转化探究的经验, students will develop communication skills that will allow them to create and participate in a classroom where they explore the impact of empathy, 权衡个人和团体利益的价值, 扩展他们的世界观,考虑其他的观点, 并评估行动意图和结果的影响.

指导将集中在五个领域的学生学习:个人, 社会, 认知, 道德, 和行动. 这些结构将应用于身份的探究, 比赛, 性别, 宗教, 社会阶层, 权力关系, 以及个人身份的许多方面的交叉性. 作业将包括阅读文本, 观看视频, 保持反思日志, and creating an action plan to address misconceptions held in one of the inquiries evaluated during the course. 在参加了这个课程之后, students will better understand and articulate how their personal experiences and identity influence their understanding of the world around them.

年级10便士.E. 和语法车间
6月15日- 7月2日
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

体育平台学校的学生们,请注意: 这是十年级的街区,是毕业所必需的.

语法车间 帮助补充英语课堂上的语法教学. It derives nearly all of its material from the text students are reading and the essays and stories they are writing, using all of it to build a foundational understanding of how grammar actually functions in the context of a written work.

Students toggle back and forth between identification and writing exercises that are geared towards constructing a relational understanding between words, 短语, 和条款, and they become familiar with the terminology involved in identifying the structures they both identify and construct. Students strive to demonstrate an improved command of their own grammatical styles as well as the rhetorical effects that result from them.

体育10 允许所有学生设计自己的个人训练计划, 基于他们的个人兴趣, 按照适当的培训原则. 心血管耐力和力量训练是每个项目的两个主要组成部分. 心率监测器用于帮助学生了解自己的健康水平. 这门课程相当于一学年四分之一的课程.

6月15日- 7月2日
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

US 政府 is a one-semester course that emphasizes the responsibilities and rights of citizenship, 批判性思维所需的技能, 以及适合做明智决策的知识. 为了实现这一点, students will learn the basics about our system of government – how and why it was designed the way that it is – and then critically evaluate current events/issues within the frameworks that have been established. 本课程涵盖的主题包括媒体, 宪法, 总统, 国会, 司法, 政党, 投票, 选举, 活动, 公民自由, 和联邦制. Obtaining the baseline set of “facts” is imperative to having productive and stimulating discussions about the readings (some contemporary, 其他具有历史意义的).


  • Understand the American political system and the roles/responsibilities of the players and constituents in that system
  • 善于表达, 解释和辩论体育app政治体系面临的关键问题, 从一手和二手来源获取信息
  • Analyze authors’ differing points of view on the same issue by assessing the author’s claims, 推理和证据
  • 区分事实、基于事实的解释和观点
  • Explore multiple sources of information presented in various formats and media to address questions and/or solve a problem
  • Complete a pro/con re搜索 paper based on a current event using information from diverse sources (primary and secondary) and integrated into a coherent understanding of the topic
  • 表达和捍卫, 用适当的证据, 的想法, 的观点, 以及在课堂讨论和正式辩论中的观点

7月20日- 8月6日
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

This course will cover many topics and concepts related to economics (including macro and micro). The course begins with a brief introduction to the necessary building blocks – supply and demand, 机会成本, 稀缺性, 等. The course then moves into discussion and analyses of microeconomics – the study of business decision making, 市场上, 反垄断, 垄断, 管理实践, 等. 下面这个, 本课程将讨论宏观经济学的主题——通货膨胀, 利率, 国内生产总值(gdp), 贸易, 失业, 预算赤字, 等. The semester will wrap up with an investigation into the global economy where students will evaluate topics including free 贸易, 关税, 配额, 北美自由贸易协定, 发展中国家, 等.

Throughout the course, there will be an emphasis on relating the economic concepts to current events. A key goal of this course is to improve decision making skills and to better understand the economic implications of policymakers’ decisions. 这门课程可以修两个学分.


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